Ammunition Testing Summary

FAMAE 7.62X51, 147 Grain M80 AMMUNITION

Chilean Army - Institute of Testing and Control
Ammunition Tests Performed September 11, 2015
  • Tested 1,250 cartridges for critical defects, and 800 cartridges for major defects.
  • Double based powder, SB520, manufactured in Serbia. Lot 1573/15.
  • Boxer primers manufactured in Bosnia. Brass case, brass jacket, lead core.
  • 20 rounds per box, 100 rounds per plastic combat sleeve, 1,000 round wood box.
  • Visual Inspection Test of all 2,050 rounds. Zero defects.
  • Test to Extract Projectile from Case. Should be no less than 60 lbs. pull. Zero defects.
  • Test Case for Cracks with Mercury Nitrate bath. Zero defects.
  • Waterproofing Test. Zero defects. (Primers and projectiles are sealed to case).
  • Accuracy Test (100 Meters). Average horizontal dispersion 0.41 inch, average vertical dispersion 0.48 inch. (Less than half inch groups at 100 meters).
  • Velocity Test. Average velocity of three test sets of 11 cartridges each at 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Test One 2,718 fps, Test Two 2,717 fps, Test Three 2,714 fps.
  • Cartridge Pressure Test. Average pressure of three test sets of 11 cartridges each at 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Test One 47,031 psi, Test Two 47,150 psi, Test Three 47,095 psi.
  • Penetration Test. Sheet steel, 10mm thick at 100 meters. Ten rounds, all must penetrate steel sheet. All penetrated fully.
  • Function Test. Fifty rounds fired in SG 542-1 rifle at 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Full and semi-automatic. No malfunctions.