FAMAE of Chile manufactures some of the finest small arms ammunition in the world. From the selection of the raw materials to the manufacturing process they strive for excellence. Every step of the assembly is manually and instrumentally checked for any defects. Beginning with the manufacturing of the brass casings and right up through the cartridge neck annealing process, each step is checked to ensure that every cartridge will perform to the highest level that can be obtained. Lead core projectiles are swaged using the best brass alloy available.


The boxer primer pocket and case necks are sealed with lacquer, and left to cure for 24 hours prior to the seating of the primer and projectile for maximum protection and waterproofing of the double based low flash military powder. Each completed cartridge goes through a series of checking dies and hand inspection prior to being checked again by trained personnel who manually pack each 20 round box. The final step of packaging is to place the boxes in a 100 round vinyl sleeve cover that is then packed into a 1,000 round wooden crate to ensure long term storage. All manufactured lots are then sample tested by the Chilean Army- Institute of Testing and Control prior to acceptance of that lot.