About Us

AD&R LLC (AD&R) is the sole United States Importer of the full line of FAMAE, weapons and ammunition from Chile. AD&R was established to import, distribute, and provide FAMAE products and services to customers in the American market. AD&R will be acting as the primary distributor handling the Sales, Service and Warranty for all Famae products sold in the US.

FAMAE, the Chilean Government owned and operated manufacturer and arsenal, has been providing weapons, ammunition, and military equipment refurbishment services to the Chilean military since 1811, one year after Chile declared its Independence from Spain. During these 200+ years of experience they have contributed to the defense industry with innovative new weapon technologies. FAMAE achieves the above with the highest standards of products and services in compliance with the most stringent military and ISO 9001-2008 Certification standards.

FAMAE has been manufacturing the SG line of assault weapons under license from SIG of Switzerland for over 25 years. This includes the SG 540-1, SG 543-1, and the SG 542-1 for the Chilean Military and other selected foreign militaries. The SAF line of sub machineguns was designed in-house by FAMAE to complement the SG assault rifle line. FAMAE also manufactures all the small arms ammunition for Chile’s military and law enforcement needs.